Your guide to university resources


Hailey Stessman
Digital Editor

The University of Nebraska Omaha offers students a wide variety of services and resources to aid them throughout their academic careers. Graphic by Hailey Stessman/The Gateway

The return or start of college can invoke a variety of emotions: excitement, nervousness, optimism, anxiety. A possible, yet very valid, reason for those feelings is the vast expanse of a university’s campus, course offerings and resources; it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in the flood of information.

To make your first week of college a bit more bearable, we’ve compiled a list of resources for your wellness, safety, social and accessibility needs.

All corresponding information is taken directly from the resources’ webpages.

Women and Gender Equity Center (WGEC)
WGEC is a student-run, multi-service agency offering everyone an opportunity to explore and discover resources pertaining to women’s lives. We proudly represent all who identify as women on this campus.

In an effort to actively support the campus with resources, the WGEC offers free reproductive and menstruation products including, but not limited to:

  • Menstrual cups
  • Tampons and pads
  • Pregnancy tests

Queer and Trans Services (QTS)
UNO’s Queer and Trans Services (QTS) is an agency and student organization that supports students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans spectrum, queer spectrum, intersex, asexual, two-spirit, gender spectrum, and sexuality spectrum (LGBTQIA2S+). Any student is welcome regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Throughout the year, QTS provides community sexual health resources and LGBTQIA2S+ programming.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • Short-Term Counseling
  • Consultation
  • Emergency Services
  • After-Hours Emergency Services: Call 402.554.2409, press 2
  • Group Counseling
  • Couples or Partners Counseling
  • Prevention Services
  • University Gatekeeper Program
  • Outreach Education
  • Wellness Education

CAPS is dedicated to working with students to provide services that can assist with challenges that have impacted their overall well-being. These could include adjusting to life events, relationship issues, and mental health changes. Some of the ways this can be accomplished are through individual or relationship counseling as well as psycho-educational groups.

Accessibility Services Center
The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) collaborates with students, administrators, faculty, and staff to ensure access to reasonable and appropriate student disability accommodations. ASC strives to create a fully accessible, inclusive experience for student learning, campus engagement, and residential life.

Maverick Food Pantry
The Maverick Food Pantry serves a multitude of people in the Omaha Metro area including:

  • Currently enrolled students at UNO
  • UNO staff
  • UNO faculty
  • Currently enrolled students at UNMC
  • Currently enrolled students at College of Saint Mary living off-campus
  • Students involved in Avenue Scholars

If you fit into one of the categories in the list above, you are eligible to use the pantry. There is no process to apply or register; users fill out the same form each time they order.

Department of Public Safety
​​The Department of Public Safety’s responsibilities include protecting life and property, providing building and ground patrol, investigating criminal offenses, controlling the University Access System, and providing emergency first aid response for on-campus incidents.

Office of Multicultural Affairs
We collaborate with UNO and the greater Omaha community to share understanding and knowledge, cultivate meaningful relationships, and develop an appreciation for all perspectives.

Indigenous Student Center
We provide the following services through the Indigenous Student Center at UNO:

  • Cultural activities
  • Cultural-specific support
  • Academic/social advising
  • Scholarship and FAFSA assistance
  • UNO Native Garden with traditional medicines
  • Community outreach
  • Computer access and Wi-Fi
  • Quiet student space
  • Resources for faculty and staff
  • Advocacy and referrals

On-Campus Support Groups Visit UNO’s website for more information on times and locations.

Virtual Support Hour
CAPS Virtual Support Hour is a free Zoom meeting for the UNO Community. Students are invited to join as CAPS counselors share resilience tips, listen, and encourage connection.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Open to anyone who is looking for a support system.

Collegiate Recovery Community Social Hour
A Social Hour for students in or seeking recovery, recovery allies, and guests. A casual time to meet other students, socialize, and build relationships.

All Recovery Meeting
For students in or seeking recovery, recovery allies, and guests.

Clinical Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Assault
This eight-week therapeutic group is for survivors of sexual violence and requires a screening process.

Clinical Support Group for Grieving Students
This eight-week therapeutic group is for students who are grieving or have experienced loss, and it requires a screening process.

A semi-structured group with a safe and open environment for LGBTQIA+ community members.

Melanated Queerations
A group by, for, and about queer people of color in the UNO community.

Tea with Jaisy
Studying internationally is a new experience for everyone, and with new experiences come new challenges. ‘Tea with Jaisy’ is an open group which exists to support our International student community in achieving their goals and making their experience at UNO pleasant.

A support group for transgender, gender expansive, genderqueer, gender fluid, bigender, hijra, two spirit, or agender.

Veteran Support Group
A social support group for all UNO military and veteran students to connect and laugh through academic challenges and life transitions.

This list contains only a sliver of what UNO has to offer. For more information and additional resources, visit the University of Nebraska Omaha’s webpage.