Wendy Townley finds love for teaching through journalism

Photo Courtesy of library.unomaha.edu
Photo Courtesy of library.unomaha.edu

Alejandra Cortes-Manzo

Although she enjoys her role as a part-time instructor, Wendy Townley didn’t always want to teach.

Townley said she ended up at her teaching job “by accident.” She said Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz, a communication professor at UNO, suggested she take on a teaching position while she worked on her master’s degree. She thought “why not?”

Townley said her love for communication started as a result of her interest in advertising. She said she worked for her high school newspaper where she developed an interest for journalism and literature.

“I remember coming to UNO and filing my paperwork to major in journalism” said Townley with a laugh. “To this day, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Townley said she believes teachers have significant impact on their students. She said she enjoys helping students reach their academic goals. Townley added that her favorite part of being a teacher is getting to see where students take their personal and professional lives.

Jes Alarcon, a former student of Townley, said she is a compassionate teacher who cares for her students. “Unlike many other professors, Wendy didn’t make writing dreadful.”

Dr. Sherrie Wilson, Mass Communication Division coordinator, agreed that Townley is compassionate and wants the best for her students. “Wendy enjoys sharing her professional expertise with students and cares about their progress in her class.”

Aside from being a professor at UNO, Townley is the development director for the Omaha Public Library Foundation. As director, Townley raises funds to help cover costs for Omaha Public Libraries.

Townley said her job depends heavily on her public relations background because she constantly meets with donors to educate them about the organization and explain the need for funds.

Townley said she loves working at the library because it’s gratifying. Townley said she owes her involvement in fundraising to her good friend and coworker Kevin Warneke. Townley said Warneke is the reason she is in fundraising and has been a good mentor, for which she is grateful.

When Townley is not busy teaching at UNO or fundraising for the Omaha Public Libraries, she likes to spend time with her family. “My biggest fear is just not having enough time to spend with those I love the most.”


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