VIDEO: Milo Bail renovations causes displacement of campus organizations


Avery Wenck

The ongoing renovations to the Milo Bail student center have a lot of faculty and students excited and rightfully so.

Those who are less excited are the student organizations that have been displaced by the construction. Not only are these organizations’ futures uncertain, they’re being left in limbo about what the future holds.

The Gateway is one of those organizations affected and Manager of Student Publications Josie Loza says that she is unsure about how long they will remain in their spot in the Eppley Administration Building.

“I don’t know how long The Gateway will remain here,” says Loza. “We are here temporarily-permanently.”

This uncertainty comes at a time when the staff is being revamped for the upcoming year. The constant movement of locations is making it hard for the publication to keep their writers and find new staff to contribute.

The staff remains committed to making sure that they find a new permanent home and that it coincides with the philosophy and history of The Gateway.


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