VIDEO: Flo Rida


Avery Wench

The Baxter Arena has held some interesting concerts since it was finished last year, but nothing will compare to what it will experience Thursday.

Flo Rida will be bringing his Billboard #1 song “Welcome to my House” to the Baxter on Thursday. The concert has been put on exclusively by Maverick Productions, a student organization on campus.

The process has been ongoing for some time and MavPro Public Relations executive Lauren Harding says the work isn’t over yet.

“We will be there[Baxter Arena] from 8 a.m. until midnight setting up and tearing down,” Harding says.

She also says that they are in need of more people to help set up. While they haven’t been in contact with Flo Rida directly, she is hoping to get a chance to meet him.

The concert has sold over 5,000 tickets and with Flo Rida having the #1 hit on Billboard currently, this show is setting up to be one students won’t want to miss.


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