VIDEO: Drought for Golf Courses


Justin Idelman

April has been a very interesting month for golf courses around the Omaha Metro. They are not getting as much rain as in the past or as much as the courses would like.

Due to the lack of rain, greens keepers are more involved with watering courses, making them softer to play on, and making sure the grass grows healthy as well.

Golf Course Superintendent at Miracle Hill, Seth Horn says, due to the drought it can really affect the course, and grass when it is busy.

“What you run into is when you have a large amount of golfers with golf carts and traffic on the golf course, that compacts the top soil, and the growing zone of the plant.”

Rain is in the forecast for the next day or so and can really help the courses throughout the metro, get a start on making the greens and fairways more playable and possibly more enjoyable for the rest of the year.


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