VIDEO: Learn about the Bemis’ Artist-In-Residency Program


Marin Krause
The Omaha News

What separates the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts from other art organizations in across the Metro?

“We are an organization in the middle of the Midwest that has an international artist base. And that is pretty rare and pretty phenomenal to know that every few months there is a new cycle of artists coming through experiencing the city,” says Holly Kranker, the Residency Program Manager at the Bemis

Kranker says that bringing in artists with such a diverse background is what makes the Bemis so exceptional not only for Omaha, but the artists who are welcomed in.

“We are a place where residents and artists can come to explore and dive into their process a little bit deeper and think a bit more fully without distraction,” says Kranker.

Once an artist has applied and been accepted into the three month long Artist-in-Resident program, they are awarded a stipend, a live in studio, and any additional resources the Bemis can provide.  

And for Kuldeep Singh, who moved from New Dehli to the United States in 2012 and is a current artist-in-resident, the program offers time to explore and experiment.

“The openness and the ease, you know especially at these residencies, this is not real time and space,” says Singh, “This is like a void where you can do whatever you want but with responsibility.”

The Artist-in-Resident program and the Bemis is celebrating its 35 year anniversary this year and plans to expand their artists in residency program into offering shorter, 10 day cylces which would focus on a specific theme.

The Bemis Center will offer an Open House/Open Studio on March 26th from noon to 4 p.m. at their 724 South 12th Street location. The event is a rare opportunity for Omaha residents of all ages to see first hand inside the resident studios and talk one-on-one with the artists.


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