Venues for students under 21

Photo by Megan Alexander/The Gateway
Danielle Meadows
Sokol Auditorium
Built in 1926, Sokol Auditorium is a historic staple located on South 13th Street, home to the Little Bohemia neighborhood of South Omaha. The auditorium was originally built to house the Czech community’s social activities. Today, the auditorium hosts mostly hip-hop and rock concerts and gymnastic events. The venue is made of tan bricks and large curved windows, creating a rustic and gracefully dated appearance that no other venue in Omaha can beat. Sokol hosts all-ages shows multiple times a month. For more information and a list of upcoming events, visit Sokol Auditorium on Facebook.
Milk Run
A smaller, newer venue, Milk Run made its debut in 2015. The space
is located at 2578 Harney St. in the basement of a building. The location makes for one of the most intimate concert experiences Omaha has to offer. Milk Run features local and nationwide Do It Yourself (DIY) acts, meaning the artists don’t rely on paid specialists and instead do everything themselves. Genres featured here range from punk to electronic and anything in between. Those who visit Milk Run often find themselves drawn to the community vibe of the venue, bringing people together with a love for organically grown mu-sic. All concerts are all-ages, with some of the lowest ticket prices anyone can find in Omaha. For a list of upcoming events, visit Milk Run on Facebook.
Located downtown in the Saddle Creek Records complex, Slow-down is another live music venue with an emphasis on all-ages concerts. Originating in 2007, the name Slowdown is an homage to the early Omaha music scene, with band Slowdown Virginia (later becoming Cursive) as the inspiration. While waiting for music to start, audience members are welcome to play board games, a variety of arcade games or pool.The venue has a unique, open lay-out with tables and chairs available for those who would rather not be right next to the stage. However,for more adventurous concert-goers, Slowdown tends to not have a barricade which makes for a much more intimate concert experience.For a list of upcoming concerts and information on Slowdown(including its all-ages policy)
The Waiting Room Lounge
Starting as a car dealership in the 1920’s, the building at 6212 Maple St. gradually transitioned into something much more. Before be-coming the venue it is today, this Benson location housed The Lift Ticket Lounge, hosting legendary bands such as Sound garden and Nirvana. Years went by as the building changed, finally opening as The Waiting Room in 2007 by two men with a passion for local and touring acts. They made huge improvements to the venue’s sound and lighting systems, drawing in audience members and top-tier performers like never before. The Waiting Room hosts all-ages concerts of every genre, ranging from Wiz Khalifa to Imagine Dragons. For more information and a list of events, visit
Spielbound Board Game Café
A unique place for those under 21 to hang out is Spielbound Board Game Cafe, located at 3229 Harney
St. For only $5, patrons get a day pass to play any of Spielbound’s board games with thousands from which to choose from. Spielbound has a wide variety of locally roasted coffee drinks and pizza available for purchase to enjoy while playing. For more information, visit
Hookah 402
Known as one of the best hookah lounges in Omaha, Hookah 402 is minutes from campus located at 312 South 72nd St. Those 18 and older are allowed into the lounge for a laid back and welcoming experience. Whether you’re a hookah pro or are interested in trying it for the first time, Hookah 402 provides those who come in with the most respected brands on the market for the best flavor in every puff. Students with an ID receive a discount on Tuesday nights. For more information, visit