UNO’s Study Abroad Affair is Wednesday


By Shudi Peng

The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Study Abroad Program is popular among students who want to experience cultural diversity and visit different countries.

In order to know more about Study Abroad program, we spoke with Aubrey Bierwirth, the assistant to UNO’s Education Abroad Program who is coordinating Wednesday’s Study Abroad Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center’s Nebraska and Aksarben rooms.

“Right now we have students in 15 different countries in the world,” she said. “We can help students go to any country which doesn’t have a travel advisory.”

Students who study abroad gain from personal development, language and being able to compare different educational systems among Americans and other countries. In essence, they get to experience a “world view.”

The most popular countries students like to visit are the United Kingdom, Italy, China and Ireland, and Costa Rica, Bierwirth said.

“Cultural and academic exchange… it makes us become more internationalized. Internationalization is a goal for the university,” she explained. “This is why we have this program in our school, and I wish every student can get chances to study abroad!”

Bierwirth also gave students some suggestions. First, if you want to study aboard, stop by the study abroad office as soon as possible. The earlier, the better; second, do not afraid to study abroad, don’t let your misconception stop you.
Meet a few UNO students are interested in studying abroad…


Melayna Miller wants to go to China, Japan and South Korea to enhance her experiences. She is studying Chinese and Japanese languages and culture, and can communicate in Korean. Miller said, “I’m really interested in the culture and history of these countries, plus I am learning these languages, so I can make new friends and understand different culture in these countries.


Kelsey Goede really wants to go to Italy. Goede said, “my friends went Italy before, and they said it was beautiful. It made me desire to go Italy. I also want to study the culture.”


Sean Vancura had recently participated in a study abroad to Japan. He really enjoyed his year and half in the country. “It was very fun to experience something different and rich in culture.” However, he had a bit of culture shock to overcome, especially when interacting with Japanese people.


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