UNO’s student broadcasters celebrate College Radio Day


Jack Hoover

The MavRadio logo. Photo courtesy of

Since 2008, MavRadio has been providing a platform for UNO student’s voices to be heard.

By going to, you can listen live to top radio hits or thought-provoking radio talk shows. One the radio station’s main strengths though is their sports broadcasting. Since the inception of Mavradio, students from the station have been providing award-winning calls for almost every UNO home sporting event, and even some away games.

However, this season is different. With no UNO sports to cover, you might think that Mavradio has been taking it easy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nowhere has the work that MavRadio’s student journalists have been putting in this year been more evident than at College Radio Day. On Oct. 2, college radio stations around the country celebrated with special programming.

“It is important because it’s a day to recognize all the hard work students across the nation put in to chase their dreams of being the people that you see on TV or hear on the radio one day,” sophomore Jack McGonigal said.

For College Radio Day, MavRadio typically airs interviews all day with local and national names in the world of sports, business and entertainment. This year’s edition was no different. Among the names being interviewed this year were Nebraska Husker quarterback Adrian Martinez, 1620 The Zone’s Josh Peterson and former NFL runningback Danny Woodhead. Getting to interview some of these names proved to be invaluable experience for those at MavRadio.

“Talking to Danny Woodhead was probably my personal highlight,” Junior Ana Bellinghausen said. “[Woodhead] is a Nebraska native so it was cool talking to someone with those grassroots that begin in Nebraska. He didn’t even play for the Huskers, he made a 12-year career without even playing at a large university.”

By doing these interviews and celebrating college radio, MavRadio is always looking to grow, both in its personal brand and in the experience that the students get. So while College Radio Day may have been one day to reflect on the achievements of college radio in the past, it was also mindful of where it’s going. MavRadio seems to be looking to more into an exciting and diverse future.

“I’m looking forward to bringing more people in to radio, especially women,” said Bellinghausen. “Just this year we started the Women in Media Club with myself, Avarie Howard, Alexa Blasé and Jodeanne Brownlee. So just getting more people involved from all different kinds of background is what we’re trying to do.”

As their numbers continue to grow and they continue to produce more content, MavRadio seems to be heading in a direction where their voices will continue to be heard for years to come.