UNO’s Frisbee team offers opportunities


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Gabriel Christensen

All work and no play is unacceptable in the eyes of University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Frisbee Club President Evan Varner.

Frisbee is one of Varner’s fondest pastimes. He began playing his sophomore year of high school which then lead to playing in summer leagues—eventually leading him to become the president of UNO’s Frisbee team.

“The team voted,” Varner said, “And I think they just wanted someone that was committed and knowledgeable about not only UNO, but other teams as well.”

Varner grew up in Omaha and attended Creighton Prep before joining UNO’s community.

“I chose UNO because it was close and near my family,” Varner said.

Varner is a junior this year and is majoring in Psychology. He plans to attend grad school upon graduating.

One thing has remained certain over the years: Playing Frisbee and being a team leader is a crucial aspect to Varner’s life.

“UNO is just one piece to an expanding network of people who are always willing to help one another on or off the field,” Varner said, “That’s one of the best parts of being able to play in college—
getting to know people and stay in touch with them no matter where they go in life.”

UNO’s Frisbee team currently has 10 players but welcomes new members. The team recruits by setting up at activity fairs, where students can find information and learn about the team by signing up for a mailing list.

“We have people come in with no experience; so we teach them,” Varner said.

However, a lot of the time people don’t stick around after the initial meeting.

“I don’t think people take it very seriously,” Varner said, “It takes dedication—it’s actually such a great time and a way to network with people.”

The team tries to practice twice a week and competes in tournaments at least three times a semester. The team has traveled to places as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chicago, Illinois, and Lawrence, Kansas to compete.

“I have made numerous friends throughout my years playing and tournaments provide a great opportunity to meet up with those people,” Varner said.

Although being the president of the team can be difficult at times, Varner says that each team member plays an important role.

“Everyone kind of takes charge in different situations,” Varner, “It’s nice having people there to support you.”

As far as Frisbee goes, Varner says he hopes it will remain a part of his life.

“I think I’ll be the president next year,” Varner said, “But I want to teach the new members now so they’ll know how to lead the team in the future.”

According to Varner, for many Frisbee means freeing your mind and having a good time.

Varner says some even use Frisbee as a way of escaping the sometimes-ordinary workweek.

“You get to play with doctors and lawyers—Everybody has something,” Varner said, “But then they come out on the weekends to play and don’t have to worry about anything.”