UNO to get special license plates


By Trent Ostrom

Top ranked athletic teams, a brand new arena and now University of Nebraska at Omaha specialty license plates.

UNO boasts quality education for students, a network for alumni and a long-established relationship with the city of Omaha. How does one show their support for UNO like the loud and proud Maverick they are?

Luckily, the UNO marketing team has found away.

UNO has begun accepting applications for a specialty a license plate specifically branded for the university.

Emily Poeschl, Director of Marketing, explained what the specialty plates mean to the local area.

“There are 46,000 alums in the Omaha area,” Poeschl said. “With support from the alumni and the city, I think we’ll see even more Maverick pride in the Omaha area.”

This plate isn’t just for alumni though. The plate is for students, faculty, alumni and all who are proud Mavericks. Poeschl said much the community wanted the specialty plate.

“In the first week on my job I was asked about a specialty plate because fans were wanting them so bad,” Poeschl said. “Finally, we have a plate to offer to the fans. We had a booth where we interacted with fans, showed what the license plate looked like and began taking applications. They were excited to see that we could finally have our own.”

In order to receive a UNO branded license plate, at least 500 must be purchased. Until at least 500 of the UNO branded license plates are sold, the plate will not be considered to be official.

An application which can be found on can be filled out and turned into Eppley Administration Building Room 102. Visit the site for more information about the plate, process and any additional questions.

At first, this plate started as an idea.The artwork was unveiled for thespecialty plate and was met withgreat response. The UNO marketing team moved forward and debuted the plates at the opening home series for the men’s hockey team.


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