UNO students organize fundraiser for Siena Francis House


By Rachel George, Entertainment Editor

More than 100 people attended the Siena Francis House Benefit Concert sponsered by UNO’s Service Learning Program, partnered with the Waiting Room and 1% Productions on April 11 at 8 p.m., bringing in more than $700 for the shelter.

The Waiting Room also donated their lost and found bin to the Siena Francis House.

A minimum $7 donation was collected from each attendee at the door, with all proceeds going to help the Siena Francis House stock up on supplies.

The Siena Francis House is Nebraska’s largest homeless shelter, providing emergency overnight shelter, as well as food, clothing and other goods to those in need.

The benefit was an assignment for a Paige Toller’s Speech 2410 Small Group Communication class at UNO. The only requirement was to put on a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Siena Francis House.

Group members Joe Shearer, Sarahbeth Averill, Michelle Malm, Nico Lemmers, Agnes Hwangpo and Sean Albright organized the benefit.

“It was a really neat project,” Malm said. “I’ve never had to do anything like that for a class before. It felt good to give back to the community.”

The local artist line-up included The Butchers, The Biatomic Point, Michael Wunder and Everything Goes.

Sean Holohan of Everything Goes volunteered his band to play at the benefit when he overheard Joe Shearer talking about the fundraiser in their class.

“We’re a pretty new band, so we wanted to get our name out there,” Holohan said. “It was also kind of cool to help raise money for a good cause.”

The fundraiser brought in over $700 for the shelter, and The Waiting Room also donated their full lost and found bin to the Siena Francis House.

“It was awesome,” Holohan said. “There were a great amount of people and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.”

Malm doesn’t plan on making the fundraiser a recurring event, but does plan to sponsor one for another non-profit organization.

Fundraiser head organizer Joe Shearer, on the other hand, plans to make the fundraiser an annual event, giving those who missed out this year another chance to attend.


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