UNO students’ opinions about President Trump


Shudi Peng

Now that President Donald J. Trump has been sworn into office, we were curious to know what University of Nebraska at Omaha students – especially those in international communities, thought about the newly appointed leader. Here’s a few student perspectives…

“I don’t like President Trump because he [is] a rude person that makes decisions to his liking and only treats people that enlarge him is very discriminating. He would make the world become more violent. There will be a very important change, not only for the United States, but I think that the new administration will completely change the economy and international welfare.”
— Dayana Reyes, 17, originally from Columbia, an ILUNO student.

“I don’t like President Trump, because he does not treat Japan well, and President Trump’s foreign policy would make Americans feel angry. I really expect that President Trump would give more Japanese international students some chances in the United States.”
— Keijiro Minami, 19, originally from Japan, studying marketing.

“President Trump did not do a good in improving taxes for Chinese products. However, I keep a neutral attitude about President Trump. I think that it is a good idea that President Trump should do free trade with China.”
— Kang Rong, 22, originally from China, studying civil engineering.

“I think President Trump made lots of terrible speeches and does not get along well with other countries. But I like him because he is an economist and self-made billionaire. I hope that President Trump could help international people who are living in America as students, and provide opportunities and scholarship for international students.”
— Naveed Rorydar, 18, originally from Afghanistan, an ILUNO student.

“I don’t like President Trump, because he is not respectful to people, and he is not so fit to become a President in America. It was not a good idea to become friends with Russia. I hope President Trump can reduce America’s debts and make education cheaper for college students.”
— Montana Gable, 24, an American studying business administration.


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