UNO students express their individuality through fashion


Andre Sessions

This selection of photos features random students, that may or may not have taken much time in their day to prepare their outfits, as they walk along Dodge campus, transitioning from class.

Some students may wake up in the morning and simply throw on an outfit without putting too much thought into their ‘fit for the day. These individuals go for comfortability – not thinking about if their shoes match their shirt or if the pants that have lain in the dirty laundry for two days smell good enough to wear for the day, possibly even the next.

For other students, fashion is a non-verbal form of expression, allowing them to show who they are to those around them. Fashion is important because it can change beauty standards set by society, open our minds and give people a sense of self-empowerment and confidence.

“I dress the way I do because it’s just a huge part of me,” sophomore Jairu Rouse said. “I’ve never really liked what is seen as normal or never really have been normal.

“I get inspiration from, honestly, myself as I grow, and I could name off so many artists and fashion icons such as Kanye, Ian Connor, Jerry Lorenzo, Virgil, A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator,” Rouse said. “I just really try to have my own image and not really copy others.” Rouse also said that fashion icons of today have created “waves” that will eventually die out, creating space for others to take their place.

“I want to create the new ones,” Rouse said.