UNO student starts media company spotlighting local talent

Photo by Bayside

Megan Wade

College is an opportunity to try something new. For students Christopher Schmidt and Morgan Blasing, that means creating the company they’ve been planning since high school.

“You can never start too early,” said Schmidt, who studies political science at UNO.

Schmidt had a dream of opening an art gallery in high school. While he received a significant amount of responses, he was too young to create a business at the time. The large amount of art he received helped Schmidt realize the need for an artistic media outlet in the Omaha area.

Now a sophomore in college, Schmidt has created Bayside Art and Music with long-time friend Blasing.

Schmidt said that he sees the business as a media company for doing good.

Schmidt’s dream has grown to combine with Blasing’s love of music to create a multi-media company geared toward representing and enhancing art, music and literature in the Omaha area.

“We’re trying to destigmatize the genres of music, and we’re trying to take the disrespect, the hate out of music,” said Schmidt.

He also said that the company’s goal is to promote the artists without taking creative control. They want to give a platform to artists for the promotion of their work, not restrict them.

While Bayside Art and music is in the process of creating their website, Schmidt said they are developing an innovative way to promote artwork. The Bayside Art and Music website plan to show a 3-D rendering of all artwork, which customers will be able to buy online.

Schmidt said Bayside art and Music is trying to shed light on unexposed artists.

“These are really small-time artists for the most part. They’re literally going and living their dream. They’re doing their best to be out there. They’re experiencing life, so we just want to be able to give them that experience,” said Schmidt. “The more we can help them along with their dreams the better.”

While Bayside Art and Music is still in its beginning stages, the company will be looking for clients through advertising in the downtown Omaha area through fliers in local stores.

“We’re also hoping we can get a lot of UNO students in as clients,” said Schmidt.

To continue the professional development of the company, Schmidt and Blasing are planning to reach out to the Nebraska Business Development Center at UNO’s Mammel Hall.

Schmidt encourages artists of all mediums to reach out to Bayside Art and Music through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @baysideartmusic.

Despite still being in the final stages of establishment, Schmidt encourages readers to reach out to Bayside. He said that artists that get involved with the organization now will have greater influence on the company’s direction and future.