UNO student pursues sustainable clothing business


Gary Storey

SAR logo. Photo courtesy of Cait Morrisey

An entrepreneurial University of Nebraska at Omaha student finds herself at the forefront of a new business venture.

Cait Morrissey, a UNO journalism and media communications major, recognized a niche and decided to seize the opportunity.

“My business partner and I saw a need of sustainable clothing in the fashion industry, so we decided to do it ourselves,” Morrissey said.

Their company, SAR (sustainable and recycled) is a sustainable company that focuses on making sustainable clothing.

“Our apparel is made from recycled cotton and PET plastic—eight plastic bottles are in every item,” Morrissey said.

Photo courtesy of Cait Morrissey

SAR is mainly making t-shirts and sweatshirts, at the moment, and their products can be found at
Morrissey is in charge of designs, branding and marketing. Her partner, Sara Braymen, is an accounting and MIS major at Iowa State University and controls the finances.

“I believe we make an excellent team,” Braymen said. “We both bring a unique set of strengths to the table.”

“I am not good at math, so it is nice having a partner that can handle all of that,” Morrissey said.

Juggling the responsibilities of being a student and running a company is a great feat in itself. Taking the time to balance the needs of school and the company is a skill, Morrissey said, she is still trying to perfect.

“I have deadlines for both things and I have to schedule everything out, so I don’t miss anything,” Morrissey said.

This businesswoman has no intention of remaining stagnant—Morrissey said her next goal is to expand the business into a few boutiques, while still remaining primarily online.

“We have talked with other sustainable companies about being involved in a pop-up, and we have also talked to a few local boutiques about getting our clothing into their shops,” Morrissey said.