UNO names Minh Vu the Outstanding CMST Student


Sara Meadows

“I dedicate my service to all those who need my help.” Photo courtesy of Minh Vu.

UNO student Minh Vu has been named the Outstanding Student for Communication Studies.

Vu was nominated for the award by one of his professors who believed in his capabilities and potential.

“I feel honored to receive this award,” Vu said. “I am motivated to continue my studies because I understand that there are people who believe in my potential.”

Vu is someone who was put into this world to serve others. He carries the legacy of his grandparents with him, who were dedicated politicians and human rights activists in Vu’s home country of Vietnam.

His parents are also people who have a genuine interest in public development and social equity.

Carrying on the tradition of his family, Vu majored in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion.

Vu worked at the Community Engagement Center at UNO, where he welcomed and served community partners. He also helped organize community events on campus.

“My favorite part about attending UNO was being inspired to continue the search for the purpose of my life,” Vu said.

Currently, Vu is a hospitality/activities coordinator for Creighton University’s Student Life division. He embraces their mission to care for everyone within the Creighton community.

“I dedicate my service to all those who need my help,” Vu said.

Vu has shined through displaying thoughtfulness, the ability to conduct communication research, and having a special interest in important social issues. The social issues that he focuses on are intercultural communication competence, anti-racism and anti-colonialism.

Moving forward, Vu plans to remain where he is now, dedicating his time and service to his department at Creighton University.

Continuing his journey, Vu will be going back to school for his master’s degree in either Communications Studies or Public Administration.