UNO Mavericks share their goals for 2019

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Elle Love

Maria Mickles: “My goal for this year is to finally complete all of the things for my degree, so I can hopefully graduate this December. I also plan to fulfill the rest of my theses and present them will in order to graduate.”


Anna Vu: “School wise, I want to keep my grades up. I’m also going to be applying to a pharmacy school so I can take the next step in my path.”


Juan Volesotro: “My goal for this year would definitely be raising my GPA. I want to aim for the Chancellor’s list by having straight A’s in my classes.”


Sean Mays: “My goal for this year is to be more organized, have a better sleep schedule and be more determined to complete the tasks that need to be done.”


Ericka Lopez: “Academically, get better grades than I usually do because I feel like I don’t really challenge myself. My goal is to also challenge myself mentally by staying healthy.”