UNO Football is back with legendary coach


Ray Koch


The University of Nebraska at Omaha announced last Monday the school has voted to bring back the football team to UNO.

In 2011, UNO Athletic Director Trev Alberts announced that the university had decided to give up two sports programs in its move from Division II to Division I. Alberts stated the school could not financially afford to keep football, since it wasn’t supported by the Summit League.

It’s 2017 and things have now changed.

In a move nobody saw coming, UNO warmed the longing hearts of the fans that could only reminisce on Maverick football. Not only is the football program back, but the University has already hired a coach for the team, as well.

Taylor Martinez, a Nebraska Cornhusker legend, will undoubtedly bring in high-caliber quarterback prospects eager to learn from the Husker great. Martinez is the second all time for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for most touchdown passes from anyone to put on the scarlet and white jersey. In his first head coaching job ever, Martinez said he is planning to run a “high octane, air raid” style of offense.

“With me working individually with the quarterbacks on their form and footwork, I have full confidence we’ll be able to score with anyone in the country,” Martinez said.

How can anyone argue against him? The legend with a sling shot for an arm has never been proved wrong.

However, even the best offenses need a home stadium. Thankfully, the university had already thought of that.

The Mavericks will play its games on Adam Caniglia Field, located right on the north campus. Most fans know of Caniglia Field, where the Maverick soccer and intramural teams also play their games. University officials stated that the decision to use Caniglia field would create a small hostile atmosphere that would discombobulate opponents.

The UNO Mavericks will be added into the Big 12 Conference, where they hope to fit right in with potent offenses. Omaha will also have an annual game against their instate rivals, Nebraska, which will rotate home-field advantage. Something that the Mavericks will use to their advantage.

Only time will tell if the Mavericks football team will eventually be a powerhouse that can compete with the juggernauts to the South Eastern Conference. One thing we do know, however, is that Omaha, not Lincoln, has the “T-Magic.”