UNO faculty art exhibit


By Andrew Dinsmoor, Senior Staff Writer

UNO’s art gallery, room 219 in the Weber Fine Arts building, displays work from artists of all levels: undergraduates, graduate students and professional artists. Right now, the gallery is showcasing art by UNO faculty artists.

Beginning Jan. 14 and continuing through Feb. 10, the UNO art gallery is displaying art in a variety of mediums, all crafted by UNO faculty artists. The UNO art gallery is open to the public Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

I have seen the faculty exhibit, and it’s something that should’nt be missed.   The first room of the exhibit contains three vibrantly colored vases, all formed by Susan McGilvery.  In the corner of this room are four of Wanda Ewing’s evocative drawings entitled “Half Dolls.”

The second room of the gallery houses a massive steel jackstone that was found at the bottom of Lake McConaughy in 1932. Next to the rusting stone is a petite replica, a wood-fired ceramic jackstone by Jess Benjamin. 

Along the back wall of this room are seven small paper lamp shades, each spinning around its own bulb.  The shades were made by Avery Mazor and have images on them. A light faintly projects these images onto the surrounding walls as the shades spin.

The most breathtaking pieces were the oil paintings “Womb” and “Veiled Woman,” by Barbara Simcoe. The paintings are fairly small, yet realistic and vivid.

In total, there are 18 faculty artists being displayed at the gallery and their art is expressed in various forms: oil paint, print, pottery, mixed media, found objects, etc. Much of the art is available for purchase. For more information visit