UNO Dance Marathon’s first event


Jared Sindt

Dance Marathon held their event in the Pep Bowl on Dodge Campus. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

UNO’s Dance Marathon held their first event of the semester Thursday, Aug. 26 at 11 a.m. Students all over campus came to witness the music, food and festivities held, with some signing up for the cause.

The event was held at the Pep Bowl and lasted two hours. UNO Dance Marathon was able to get Chick-fil-A to cater the event, with 30% of the proceeds going to the cause.

Students line up for Chick-fil-A at Dance Marathon’s event. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

Students could participate in cornhole and spike ball, and if they donated enough, they had the option to pie a Dance Marathon member in the face.

Music was provided by a specialty DJ from GRID Music and blasted throughout the campus, even providing pyrotechnics for visual flare that caught the attention of many bystanders.

Vice President of Outreach Alex Vandenberg working an information table for the event. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

Those who liked what they saw and wanted to learn more about Dance Marathon had the option to visit booths with members of UNO’s Dance Marathon chapter. There, they could register to help with donations, donate themselves or provide contact information for future events.

If you’re one of the people wondering who or what Dance Marathon is, Vice President of outreach Alex Vandenberg summed it up nicely at the event.

“The purpose of Dance Marathon is we’re a student-run organization on campus who is uniting the Maverick community in order to fundraise for Children’s Hospital and Miracle Network,” Vandenberg said. “Children are the future, and they should have one regardless of if they are able to pay for it.”

Those who did choose to register for Dance Marathon would be required to pay an initiation fee, and then had the option to help fundraise themselves for the cause. The event informed those of a code that could lessen the cost as well.

To help with fundraising, those who registered were provided a link to their website that they could share in hopes of getting people to visit their link and donate to their page. Registered individuals could also use streaming services as a means to help gain donations.

UNO’s Dance Marathon informed me that they will have more events coming up. Their next event is scheduled for Oct. 2 at Milo Bail Student Center with the theme of “dance until you drop.”

If you’re interested in learning about or registering for Dance Marathon, you can follow the link to learn more. You can also meet them at their next event if you have questions for any members, or just want to have a good time and support the cause.