UNO Cribs – Mavericks go head-to-head in dorm wars


By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Nick Riesselman, Freshman, Scott Village

Imported chair
As wooden desk chairs are provided to every resident, Nick imported a more comfortable option from home. It features adjustable positions and foam-infused cushions.
Chilling device & memo board
A refrigerator offers a private stock of chilled beverages, and acts as a stand for Nick’s TV. The magnetic door provides the perfect place for a dry erase board to list current events or shopping list needs.
Alternative transport
A longboard allows for a fun way to get around Pacific Campus, as well as for blowing off steam after class.
Treasure chest
A treasure chest under Nick’s bed ignites intense curiosity. It suggests he is a man of mystery and is well-grounded. Out of respect, I did not ask to see the contents. This loot is nestled safely under the bed.

Mitch Stilmock, Freshman, Scott Court

Secret food supply
Tucked under Mitch’s bed, you will find bulk-sized quantities of all the best snacks and drinks. Living with three other college guys can often lead to missing food.
Floral decor
Mitch always showcases freshly picked flowers to produce a fresh and uplifting aroma in his room. These lavender beauties were hand-selected by Mitch down in the wild valley behind Aksarben.
Multi-purpose window cover
This towel over the window offers protection in the morning from the sun’s rays. It also allows Mitch to save on laundry costs by drying his towels by air.
High school memories
Nothing makes you feel at home than the senior pics of all your closest ladies. Ready at a moment’s notice, these images of the glory days offer a walk down memory lane when Mitch is homesick.


Introducing UNO Cribs, a new series that will explore the unique qualities of Mavericks living in the residence halls on campus. We begin with Nick Riesselman, a freshman computer science student living in Scott Village. As seen in the photographs above, Nick’s mancave offers a new take on traditional features and a rare piece that will leave you guessing. Overall, this room offers a clean and serene feel that is perfect for napping or hitting the books. Nick’s opponent is Mitch Stilmock, a freshman architectural engineering student living in Scott Court. Mitch took a more home-like approach when he was furnishing his lair. Its contents suggest that he should terminate his contract with his interior designer, but the room radiates a welcoming vibe that is perfect for a movie night with the bae. This initial week of what is sure to be a competitive series was a close one. Freshly picked flowers are a unique touch, suggesting Mitch is a sensitive guy. At the end of the day, beautification by floral efforts led Mitch to the win. Congratulations to Mitch Stilmock and his killer pad over at Scott Court! Look for the next edition of UNO Cribs, your roommate could be next!


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