UNO community reacts to Obama’s visit to Baxter Arena

Courtesy of Rachael Vacanti.  Students waiting in line early Monday morning for President Obama tickets.
Students waiting in line early Monday morning for President Obama tickets. (Courtesy of Rachael Vacanti)

Brooke Criswell
Online Content Manager

By now, most of Omaha knows President Obama will be speaking at Baxter Arena on Wednesday.

After tickets to the public were distributed within hours on Sunday, there were some reserved for the students and faculty. They were also claimed after approximately two and a half hours from distribution time.

“I was in line at 7:40 a.m. and there were approximately 25 other students,” said Rachael Vacanti, a UNO senior. “I wanted to make sure I got a ticket.”

With only one day until President Obama speaks, students are definitely getting filled with excitement.

“Who knows when this opportunity will come again,” Charisa Martin, a UNO senior said. “I’m hoping to be inspired by his speech. I know with his last months in office, he’s trying to do good by the country.”

Students understand the significance of this event. There has never been a president on campus and this is only the second time Obama has come to Omaha.

“It’s really cool for students to see this historical event. Not everyone gets to witness the president speak,” said Kelsey Johnson, a UNO senior.

However, not everyone will be able to attend.

“I’m not going because I had class when they handed out the tickets, but it would have been an awesome opportunity in my home town,” said Taylor Volentine, a junior.

Baxter Arena has only been up and running since Oct. 23 and already is making history.

“It’s an honor for him to come to UNO,” Melodae Morris, School of Communications instructor, said. “He could have chose any stadium but he chose Baxter.”

Even if students can’t make it, or simply, don’t want to, they are thanking Obama on Twitter for allowing the Chancellor to cancel classes.


In an email to the students, Chancellor John Christensen said: “We feel suspending classes to accommodate thousands of visitors, as well as allowing our students, faculty and staff the opportunity to take advantage of this rare opportunity, is an appropriate way to mark the occasion.”

You can follow on Twitter @unothegateway for live updates on Wednesday beginning at 1 p.m.

You can also join in the conversation by using the hashtag #POTUSatUNO



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