UNO celebrates Black History Month


Megan Fabry; A&E EDITOR

The Office of Multicultural Affairs creates programs and events that are meant to educate the student body. This month, they are putting together events that bring awareness to Black History Month. 

Black History Month is celebrated annually as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of African diaspora. The Office of Multicultural Affairs has a wide range of events scheduled throughout the month of February for all UNO students to learn from and enjoy.

Cynthia Robinson is an associate professor at UNO who created an event for any students who are interested in learning more about black history. Hidden Colors is a four-part series that will take place every Thursday in February. It is a series of two-hour documentaries that cover little known facts about black history.

“The reason you have black history month is the same reason you have black studies,” Robinson said. “Because of institutional racism and white supremacy, it keeps history of African people out of history books. Without a black history month, teachers and public schools might not even get to study black history or know about black history.”

A wide range of social functions will be taking place throughout the month of February. A movie screening of “Bessie” starring Queen Latifah on Feb. 6 will be followed by a discussion between students and scholars. Charlene Butts Ligon will speak at University of Nebraska Medical Center Feb. 21. Ligon is a woman that started her own publishing company and wrote a book about Evelyn Butts, a poor Virginia Seamstress who won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that abolished the poll tax. Ligon also started her own publishing company, Smallwood Charlotte Press.

The University Village Clubhouse will be hosting a Black Excellence’s “For the Culture” Social Feb. 22 that will include music, games, food and a chance to mingle with new people. 

Maryse Zekpa is a senior at UNO studying political science and is an active member of the Pan African Student Organization (PASO). She will be attending events held by the Office of Multicultural Affairs as a way to show support for the month dedicated to black history.

“In a country that’s built on racism and the consistent denial of racism towards all races, including black culture, it’s a good reminder for those that forget the past,” Zekpa said.

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