UNO Campus Recognized for High Voter Turnout


Kathryn O’Connor

News Editor

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge recognizes campuses for student voter turnout.

UNO was one of 394 colleges and universities to earn the ALL IN Most Engaged Campus for College Student Voting – an awards program through Civic Nation.

This award recognizes campuses for student voter turnout. It shows the dedication UNO students have to make their voices heard through voting and displays the university’s ongoing commitment to maintaining strong student and community voter engagement. 

Historically, UNO has built a great reputation for encouraging voter participation. The voting rate for UNO in the 2020 presidential election was 71.9%, almost six percentage points higher than the average 66% for all higher education institutions participating in the challenge.

To continue supporting students in areas like voter engagement, as well as civic engagement and service, UNO has officially hired a full-time Volunteer and Civic Engagement Coordinator – Toni Monette.

“Receiving the ALL In Democracy Challenge represents the University’s commitment to engaging our students in democracy and civic engagement, not just for the midterms or a high-profile presidential election, but for the long term, in each and every election,” Monette said. 

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge engages students through support in the election process by working directly with institutions in different ways. They believe that “a strong, vibrant and more representative American democracy will result from the greater inclusion of informed college student voters.”

This exciting award comes in addition to UNO being listed in “America’s Best Colleges for Student Voting, The Washington Monthly.”

“Young people are one of the fastest growing members of our electorate, and their participation and continued involvement in the voting process and our democracy cannot be discounted, they are the change agents, public officials, and advocates of our future, and I am excited to be a part of creating these opportunities for our students,” Monette said.