UNO announces plans for new softball and baseball fields


Jack Hoover

Photo courtesy of UNO Communications

Omaha baseball and softball will soon have fancy new stadiums to call home.

The university announced on May 31 that plans have been made for new stadiums for the teams and that work will begin soon.

This proposed stadium expansion for the Mavericks will cost around $22.5 million and will be built just to the west of Baxter Arena. Students shouldn’t worry about this cost possibly affecting tuition, as the project will be covered entirely by private funding.

There will be two fields built by Baxter Arena, one for baseball and one for softball. The baseball field will seat around 1,500 fans while the softball field will sit about 650.

Both of these stadiums should come as upgrades from where the teams currently play. Omaha softball has played the past few seasons at Westside Field, while Omaha baseball, for this past season, has had to play at no less than five unique home fields. Having a consistent home stadium that is owned and operated by the university should be a welcome change for both teams.

This announcement came on the same day as Omaha baseball’s first-ever appearance in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully, with the addition of new fields, both the baseball and softball teams can see their stock rise and allow them to compete on the national stage more frequently.