UNO alumnus comes back with an objective view of campus


By Jared Kennedy

Jared Brown graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2014 with a degree in percussion performance. After moving to Oregon to continue his education, he visited UNO after thanksgiving break with a new perspective. To Brown, Omaha still feels like home.

Q. Why do you think Omaha still-feels like home when you perhaps like things about Oregon so much more?

A. I can’t deny some of Southern Oregon University’s attributes are more desirable than UNO’s, but the same can be said of Omaha. The way I see it – though I remain myself – the eighteen years I spent in Omaha, from ages 4 to 22, do represent the exposition of a larger work.

I view my new circumstances as the result of a consciously made decision to leave and begin a stage of development. That being said, Omaha will always be home, where I consider the journey of my life, in regards to so many aspects of my life, to have begun. Departing from the musical metaphor, I don’t know if I will conclude here, but I have a feeling, after being back here a few days, that I will appreciate each opportunity I get to return and observe changes taking place and things remaining consistent.

Q. What, if anything, is now different about UNO in your perception?

A. The physical changes occurring all around, e.g. a change in landscaping, extended parking lots, new buildings and current construction projects, appear necessary and do not trouble me because they shouldn’t. If you mean literally, the aforementioned have changed and will continue to as the school grows.

Q. How do you perceive school spirit upon coming back to UNO in contrast to your new university?

A. The student body at Southern Oregon University is drastically smaller than that of UNO. The number of students I see wearing clothing affiliated with the university is higher at SOU, so the ratio of students that I assume have school spirit seems to be in SOU’s favor. But how do you quantify school spirit? With receipts? Attendance?

Q. What do you notice about peoples’ behavior on campus by comparison?

A. Students are students. Some go to class, some attend school-related sporting events, some get respect-able grades and apply for intern-ships, etc. The only differences I notice seem determined by location, i.e. students in Oregon have access to recreational marijuana, SOU is not a commuter campus (incidents of parking-related rage are noticeably less frequent), the quality of the cafeteria food is higher due to higher quality ingredients, etc.

Q.Preparation being based on motivation, did UNO well prepare you for grad school?

A. Yes. Upon leaving UNO I felt exceptionally prepared for my grad-uate studies. This has something to do with the expectations of my teachers. I am pleased that you mention motivation. Of course I had a big part to play in my prepa-ration, but overall UNO was great


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