UNO Allies for Sign Language to Host Halloween Party


Hannah Michelle Bussa

Allies for Sign Language at UNO hosts a Halloween Party every year. This photo is from 2019, prior to the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Welton.

UNO Allies for Sign Language is hosting their annual Halloween Party this month.

Allies for Sign Language is a group on UNO’s campus focused on spreading information, awareness and love for the Deaf community and ASL.

President Tiffany Welton, a deaf educator in training, said the group is open to all UNO students of any sign language ability, hearing status and course of study.

“We meet at least twice a month for bi-weekly sign and dines,” she said. “This gives you the chance to really grow your sign skills while meeting new people! It is always so fun.”

The group meets on the first Friday of the month from 6 to 8 p.m. at Westroads Mall and the third Saturday of the month on Zoom from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“This group is important to campus life because it really encourages students to get involved with ASL and the Deaf community,” Welton said. “The connections you make here are so valuable.”

Welton said Allies for Sign Language has helped many UNO students find their passion.

“In the history of our group, we have had many UNO students end up switching majors to become Deaf educators or interpreters because the field, the connections and the language is so rich and enjoyable.”

This month, Allies for Sign Language is hosting their Halloween Party on Oct. 29 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Omaha Association of the Deaf building. For nonmembers, there is a $5 admission fee.

“There will be games, sign language and more!” Welton said. “We can’t wait to see you all there!”

Those wanting to become members of Allies for Sign Language can find the group on Facebook and Instagram. There is a membership fee and a form to fill out for those also wanting access to the Canvas page.