UNMC gives employees incentives to carpool, walk, bus or bike to work


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The University of Nebraska Medical Center and its clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, rolled out a new transportation plan this week to encourage employees to avoid driving solo to work.

Instead, employees are given incentives to carpool, walk, bus or bike as an alternative way to save money and reduce pollution and traffic congestion on the main midtown campus near 42nd Street and Dewey Avenue.

The program, called TravelSmart, is available to the more than 13,000 faculty, staff and students who currently travel to campus.

Melanie Stewart, who is implementation team coordinator for the program, said in a press statement: “It’s important to know that the program can be used daily, but if that’s not possible, you can still participate and see benefits.”

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Some of the TravelSmart program perks include:

· Free bus pass, free carpool pass and free indoor/secure bike storage (and access to locker and shower facilities).
· Free access to a service that helps find carpool partners.
· Free ride home when unforeseen emergencies occur on the days active transportation is used.
· Participants will have access to $3 daily-rate flexible parking on the days they need to drive alone in their vehicles (three convenient parking areas across campus).

Watch the below video to learn more about the program here…


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