University has new name, face


By Mo Nuwwarah, Mo Nuwwarah

UNO revealed new logos as part of a Maverick brand makeover Thursday at Embassy Suites in La Vista.

The new streamlined, skinny “O” replaces the old block “O,” though it retains the black and red color scheme while introducing a bit of white between two interlocking “O’s.” Officials wrote the interlocking “represents the unity of the University community,” and the elliptical shape “symbolizes a continual mission of educational impact.”

The secondary logo, a depiction of Durango. the school mascot, now features a sharply outlined, shadowy bull with a fierce glare in his eye.

Early student responses to the new logo varied.

“I love the new ‘O,’ but I don’t like the bull,” said sophomore Maxine Price. “Keep the bull the same.”

Noelle Lynn Blood, a senior journalism student, disapproved of the changes.

“It stinks,” she said. “The ‘O’ is generic and the Mav looks like The Laughing Cow,” she added in reference to the popular soft cheese products.

The other change for the University will come in naming references, which UNO wishes to “streamline.” Instead of the “at” before “Omaha,” the school is now referred to as University of Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska Omaha or simply UNO.

Ryan Soukup, a 2010 UNO graduate currently working in Washington, D.C., approved of most of the changes, though he found the bull “generic.”

“I think that if UNO is going to rebrand itself then I am all for it,” he said. “I like the ‘O’… but the bull doesn’t do too much for me.”


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