United Airlines provides UNO students with a career pathway


Kathryn O’Connor

News Editor

United Airlines provides UNO students with a career pathway. Photo courtesy of UNO News Center.

United Airlines announced a new partnership with UNO to provide career pathways for aviators through Aviate, United’s industry-leading pilot career development program. 

As an Aviate university partner, former and current UNO students and instructors can apply. Those successful in the Aviate selection process will join the program and benefit from the defined path to a lifelong career at United.

“Through this partnership with Aviate, students who come to UNO’s Aviation Institute have a unique opportunity to secure their career pathway in aviation while they work on their education and flight training,” said Scott Vlasek, Director of UNO’s Aviation Institute. “This is a remarkable opportunity to boost the aviation workforce here in Nebraska and across the industry, and I look forward to seeing our students launch their careers through this program.”

UNO is among 14 Aviate university partners nationwide and the only partner in Nebraska. 

Since its inception in 1990, UNO’s Aviation Institute has offered flight instruction and education in many other facets of aviation with leading experts in the field, cutting-edge facilities and opportunities for experience and career development.

“We are excited to welcome UNO into the Aviate program,” said Captain Michael Bonner, Managing Director of Aviate and Pilot Strategy at United. “We look forward to the mutual opportunity this partnership brings to current, former and future students as part of our pilot development strategy.”

Applicants selected to join the program will receive a conditional job offer from United, which will be fulfilled once participants earn a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot license (rATP), which requires a minimum of 1,000 hours of flight experience at UNO and fly 2,000 hours over 24 months with a United Express partner. Participants are then eligible to transition to United as First Officers upon completing these requirements.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 18,100 openings on average for airline and commercial pilots each year. United currently employs over 14,000 pilots and is on track to hire 10,000 pilots this decade.

Additional information about UNO’s partnership with Aviate, including eligibility requirements and application information, can be found on the UNO Aviation Institute website.