Unidentified Gunman Killed in West Omaha Target Shooting


Andrew Smith
Photography Editor

OMAHA, NE – Shortly before noon a shooting within a West Omaha SuperTarget has caused its temporary closure after Omaha Police Department officers killed the gunman described as a white male around thirty years old. Employees say they saw the suspect entering the store before firing multiple shots.

Omaha police arrived on the scene within six minutes and stopped the gunman before anyone was injured or killed.

“As I was walking back to tech I heard a loud boom which I assumed was just a big box or a pallet and then I heard the second bang just as someone started to walkie that there was a shooter,” said Target team member Zach Weber.

During the shooting, many escaped the building while some had to take shelter within the fitting rooms and other locations until the police located them.

As the situation was ongoing, team members and customers were welcomed by neighbors and the staff at the Panera and Sleep Number stores located in the same shopping center.

Counseling will be provided for team members as Target works with OPD during this ongoing investigation.

Omaha police urge anyone with more information related to the shooting to call (402) 444-4877.