Trends from 2019 New York Fashion Week and where you can shop the look for less


Katie Zimmerer

Photo courtesy of Pexels

New York Fashion Week has finally drawn to a close and with that, came so many styles for spring’s arrival. Whether designers are just starting out or have had labels for years, they come to New York Fashion week twice a year to display their collections to potential buyers, the press, and other influencers.

For many of us outside observers, we look to Fashion Week not only to see what the top trends will be, but to further amplify our personal styles and have the feeling that we are pseudo-celebrities. While I have been keeping a close eye on what the main trends have been this Fashion Week, I have also gotten ideas for how I want to dress when the snow finally subsides. Being a college student on a tight budget, finding clothes that I think are in season can be difficult when I don’t have the money to wear the exact thing that I saw. I decided to collect these top trends I saw and find pieces similar without breaking the bank.

Animal Print
Although real fur should never be in style, animal print, especially leopard, has been around for the last few seasons but we’re seeing more and more of it now. From bags to tops and pants, adding animal print to your wardrobe can bring out your wild side.

Oversized Blazers
This trend is very business-chic. Supplementing a blazer to a casual Friday look with jeans and a pair of ankle boots will have everyone in the office complimenting your spring style.

Bright, Neon Colors
Bright colors are probably one of my favorite trends right now. A bright pop of candy colors gives a fun flair on a sunny day. If you’re ever feeling particularly bold, pair a similarly bright colored lip with the rest of your look.

Metallic Shades
Going out for the night in a gold or silver ensemble is sure to gain a few looks. Underneath the lights of wherever you may be out on a Saturday night, the reflectiveness of the metallic shade you wear will show off your confidence.

Bulky Sneakers
This one might seem scary for some people. It can seem like a fine line while wearing bulky sneakers that you could either end up looking like Gigi Hadid or like her dad in 1995. Even though it might seem daunting, it never hurts to try it. I did and now my white Adidas sneakers are some of my favorite shoes to wear.