There’s an app for that


By Nicholas Sauma, Reporter


The new Blackboard mobile app is “Really easy to use. Definitely worth the $2,” UNO student Elizabeth Lott said.

The mobile app is supported on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and webOS devices. according to the Blackboard website. The application can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store and Google Play with two payment options. One year access costs $1.99, but for $5.99 students and faculty get unlimited access.

“It’s a miniature version of Blackboard. I can go on and check my grades without lugging my computer everywhere,” Jenae Hansen said. “Also, if I forget about a discussion board, its’ easy to pull up on my phone and complete if I do not have my computer. Its also easy quick access to my assignments if I have a question.”

Other student features include the option to take tests, blog and receive announcements and notifications directly on the mobile device. Faculty users can upload course materials, send out messages and announcements and do it all on the go.

Not all students were sold on the app. 

“I don’t see why I should spend money on an app when I have internet on my phone, and access to computers all over campus,” said David Kirk. 

Kirk explained that the few times he needed Blackboard at the last minute, he loaded it in his phone’s browser or used one of the public computer stations around campus. “Otherwise, I just plan ahead and only use blackboard on my laptop,” Kirk said.

But Hansen still likes the app. 

“[The app] makes it faster and easier,” Hansen said.

Those looking for quick, easy access to Blackboard can take advantage of the new app now supported here at UNO. Newer students and faculty might consider purchasing the unlimited access version to save money in the long run. 

For more information, the Blackboard website has devoted an entire page to its mobile version. Students and faculty can review features, view demos,and contact support .


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