The Notion app: the note-taking essential


Eddie Okosi
Staff Writer

“Notion is the sovereign of organization.” Graphic courtesy of Hailey Stessman/The Gateway

No, this is not a hashtag ad or a paid partnership — this simply is out of natural interest —  though getting paid to be an ambassador and represent this application doesn’t sound so bad.

It’s been two years since I officially transitioned into taking all my notes on my MacBook, and I’ve tried every single note-taking app out there. I won’t call them out by name, but the well-known note-taking apps that we swear by, well, did not equate to my personal high standards. Though the applications were fine for a minute with some great features, they weren’t fast enough, fun enough, and they didn’t have all the possibilities there were when it comes to taking notes. The skies were grey until I discovered Notion: an online software and app you can download on any mobile device. 

My love for Notion is a genuine testament about a software that I discovered and has forever changed my life. I would call it my best kept secret, but I can’t gatekeep it any longer. Since the start of the new semester, I have had a lot of people — OK, three people — reach out to me regarding the notes app I was using. I must now let the people know what I am on to put them on. 

Notion is a tool that allows you to elevate the way you study, the way you jot things down and the way you have your life together. Notion goes beyond just note-taking, as you have the ability to create your Notion into the ultimate multi-tasking workspace. Plus, Notion is collaboration oriented and you can connect with other users for group projects.

With note-taking, Notion wants your words to stand out and hold their own power. Forget just bolding, underlining and highlighting — you can make text move however you want it to move. I personally like to play around with the notes I take, and Notion gives me way too much leeway for my own good. I am either playing with heading sizes, toggling text to hide and reveal my notes, or creating well organized columns. 

I even create a page within a page, helpful for dividing notes into chapters or units. I also enjoy the link function Notion offers that allows text to link to websites or other pages.  

For the math note takers, Notion can handle numbers — math equations can finally look how they are supposed to, as Notion is able to articulate numbers and symbols.

Notion is the sovereign of organization. Organizers like databases, calendars and tasks lists can be created, and there isn’t one form to anything. The way you want to organize is unique to you. Personally, I am an extreme archivist at heart, so I use the database function specifically for archiving all the articles I write. 

Users can turn their pages into the most comfortable hub they have always dreamed of, as every page can possess any mood you set. Notion users can change backgrounds, name the pages, and group pages together. 

The Notion app knows that it does a lot, which is why it comes with prebuilt pages that are essential to make it seem like your life is as put together as a Nancy Meyers kitchen. The prebuilt personal home page has pages built for making grocery lists, life goals, tracking recipes and journaling your secrets.  

To be honest, I couldn’t imagine life without Notion, as it is the one-stop center for note-taking and project creation. Think of it as a personal assistant — even though it won’t run your errands, make you coffee, or prevent you from making regrettable purchases at 3 a.m.