The Initiative Starring Jaden Perkins


Hannah Michelle Bussa

Jaden Perkins’ new podcast will be available on Spotify and the Anchor app. Photo courtesy of Jaden Perkins.

Jaden Perkins, a Grassroots Activist and Political Operative, is re-launching their podcast, “The Initiative Starring Jaden Perkins.”

Perkins has been organizing and advocating for and in the Omaha community for the past eight years through issues-based organizations and grassroots political campaigns.

“Because of that extensive experience, I have a good pulse on the issues that matter to our collective community,” he said.

Perkins said “The Initiative” will focus on exposing establishment corruption, cutting through the harmful mainstream media noise and discussing the issues that matter the most to working-class Nebraskans and abroad.

“One of the definitions of the word ‘initiative’ is the ability to assess things independently and take charge to lead an example for other people,” Perkins said. “That’s what I’ve done my whole career and will continue to do on this program.”

A key focus of Perkins’ podcast is being proudly progressive.

“Progressivism has become sort of a broad term, but I would define it as a grassroots effort to rise up and fight for essential issues that affect all oppressed working-class people,” they said. “Issues like Medicare for All, police abolition, a living wage, an inclusive Green New Deal, LGBTQIA2S+ rights, reproductive justice, drug decriminalization/legalization, immigration justice, affordable housing and more.”

Perkins had previously launched “The Initiative” but had to pause due to their involvement in the 2021 Omaha Municipal Elections. Now, Perkins said he has the time to fully commit to the project.

Perkins plans on having guests on the podcast.

“Since announcing, I’ve had quite a few people who are very interested in coming on the show,” he said. “I can’t reveal who they are just yet.”

The podcast will officially launch on Friday, Nov. 19.

“Right now, I plan on releasing episodes twice a week, but if the demand increases, I will surely increase the episode frequency,” they said. “I’m going to release a ‘pre-inaugural’ mini episode next week to get folks a taste of what the program will consist of. Folks can find it on the Anchor app and on Spotify as well.”

Perkins said he wants this program to be as accessible to everyone as possible and is working on getting a transcript system set up soon.

“Be sure to follow ‘The Initiative’ on Spotify and click the bell to get notifications for new content,” they said. “If you would like to come on the show, send me an email at”