The Five Best and One Worst Dressed Stars of the Grammys


“Pitch Perfect” star may not have attended the Grammy’s to show off her vocal skills, but in this dress she leaves little to the imagination. Two words: Work Bitch.
Colbie Caillat- Red is your color. Ignore the messy bun on your head that looks like a dead poodle, that dress is so lavish you still make my short list of the best dressed.
Giuliana Rancic- Orange should be for two things: eating and drinking (if it’s in juice form with vodka). Never wear it. Never. NEVER. Somehow, though, the E! correspondent makes it work. Her co-stars on “Fashion Police” won’t be waving her with a ticket tomorrow.
Katy Perry- In case we forgot the Grammys are about music, the “Roar” singer’s dress reminded us. Normally, Katy looks like trash at the Grammys- with her best friend Rihanna upstaging her every year. (Seriously, that red dress from last year was ON FIRE and the black dress from 2012 was fine-as-all-hell. Sizzle). With Rihanna gone, Katy shined this year. From her tight hair to that tight bod peaking through the lace gown, I gotta give it to her (even if she’s the world’s most annoyingly eager singer).
Taylor Swift- Sparkle, shimmer and shine. You work that red carpet girlfriend. The “22” singer was having me singing “la-la-la love me tender.” Her songs are annoying and her face looks like a smashed chipmunk, but the girl always turns up the red carpet. You tall gangly freak you- go on with your bad self.
Kaya Jones- The Pussycat Dolls songstress was channeling her inner-dominatrix. Save it for the bedroom, honey. I ain’t gonna sugarcoat this, but you look like straight crap. Leather went out in the ‘90s. Next thing we know, you’ll be rocking a scrunchy and frosted tips. Baby girl, your look is tired. Call 911  because I’m serving you a ticket from the Fashion Police.


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