“The Bounty Hunter” fails to deliver laughter or fun


By Brittany Stevens

“The Bounty Hunter” tells the tale of bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) as he chases down his ex-wife Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston), who is accidentally running from the law. Nicole is a news reporter who skips bail when she receives a tip for a story on a mysterious suicide and decides to follow it instead of attending her court hearing. Her ex-husband Milo is hired as a bounty hunter to capture her and bring her to jail. However, his gambling problems take them on a round-about route.

During their journey to jail, Nicole and Milo are chased by bookies and a murderer, who all want something from the couple. Together, they put aside their differences and manage to escape from misfortune.

The plot is fairly predictable and could even be called boring. The movie often drags, and it takes a long time to get to the meat of the story.

The trailers for this movie made it look as though it would be filled with fun and laughs. However, the movie itself was somewhat of a let-down. The trailers gave away almost all of the funny parts, which made the movie less funny.

“The Bounty Hunter” tried to cram too many elements into 110 minutes. Romance, comedy, murder and suspense were all smashed together in a poor attempt to make a great movie. It resulted in a mess that had many gaps and did not flow well at all.

“The Bounty Hunter” is worth seeing if you are looking for something to fill your time or if you are a Jennifer Aniston fan. However, I would recommend saving your money at the theater and waiting until it comes out on DVD.


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