‘The Batman’s’ unique marketing technique could change movie promotions


Jared Sindt

“The Batman” has taken a unique promotional approach. Photo courtesy of Nestia.

“The Batman” is set to arrive this year, and the marketing team is making sure to bring the hype.

The main villain of the movie is set to be the Riddler, and “The Batman” movie promotions are taking full advantage of his gimmick.

Back in December, cardboard standouts were made for the film with a mysterious code at the bottom that ended up reading “you are a winged rat,” referring to the Batman himself.

Later, a new code would be deciphered that took fans to the website www.rataalada.com, where movie fans would be pitted against the Riddler’s riddles.

If fans were able to answer all the riddles correctly, they’d be given a reward in the form of clues from the movie, as “The Batman” would see it.

Until fans see the movie, there is no way of knowing what all of this could mean, or if the clues will tie into the film in any way.

However, this creative marketing technique has kept fans invested in the movie, with many saying it could be one of the best Batman movies to date. If the movie is half as creative as the promotion, fans will be in for a thrilling mystery ride.

Movies have taken creative angles before to promote, but this takes the game to a whole new level. Utilizing websites, social media and average movie marketing techniques, the promotion for “The Batman” is by far the most creative fans have seen in years.

Promotion is more important now more than ever in the digital age. Movies used to be able to get away with just a single trailer for promotion, but recent successful movies show that multiple trailers and marketing techniques make for more success.

As the use of social media and the internet advances, time will tell how movie promotions will continue to thrive and survive in the digital age.