‘The Batman’ deleted scene


Jared Sindt

“At his core, Joker is an agent of chaos and if that aspect of him stays the same, new portrayals can only serve to enhance the character.” Photo courtesy of LinkRipe.

In case you missed it, “The Batman” was a three-hour long thriller released this March following the dark knight Batman himself.

The movie featured the main villain, the Riddler, in his darkest portrayal yet. However, Batman fans may have noticed the brief appearance of his ultimate nemesis, the Joker.

After the Riddler is put into Arkham and his plans have been foiled by Batman, an inmate in the cell next to him talks to him about how well he did and proposes a friendship. At the end of this talk, they both share a laugh, only pushing the narrative that this is indeed the Joker.

Recently, a deleted scene surfaced that shows Barry Keoghan’s Joker in a conversation with Batman himself.

The scene focuses on Batman asking Joker about the case file involving the Riddler and asking him to help foil Riddler’s plan. In a very Joker-like fashion, he breaks down the mindset of the Riddler and gets into Batman’s head in the process.

There have been many portrayals of Joker over the years, but this scene shows that Barry Keoghan’s Joker has the potential to be the most grotesque and manipulative one yet.

After seeing a character portrayed so many times, it can get a little boring. Part of what made “The Batman” so great was that it took a villain who has gotten very little attention and gave him a much-needed remodeling.

However, superhero and villain movies have taught us that if a character is portrayed differently but has the same ideals, it can give a fresh perspective on the character.

“Spiderman” is a great example of this, with every version being a little different and unique to make us want to see the newer version. At his heart, though, each Spiderman is still tied together with the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Joker is somewhat similar in nature. You can make him a mob boss, a completely insane man or a jokester who likes to mess with Batman by killing the innocent. At his core, Joker is an agent of chaos and if that aspect of him stays the same, new portrayals can only serve to enhance the character.

Although we have seen very little of Barry Keoghan’s Joker, fans are already excited to see this version go up against Robert Pattinson’s Batman on the big screen.