The art of the ever-elusive perfect pick-up line


By Sarah Meedel

Ever since men and women have had to find a way to marry and copulate without the meddling of their parents and fixed marriages, there has been the pick-up line. Many people already know about the many, many bad pick-up lines that exist and just see them as a joke. Sometimes, though, these lines actually work, leaving one with what they consider a good pick-up line.

A pick-up line can be as simple as breaking the ice with someone new. At times it leads to ridiculous exaggerations about a person’s status, such as, “Hey, I know this band personally, we go way back,” or “Did you know I am the ruler of Siberia and I have millions of dollars?”

Currently, the most popular lines imply sexually-tempting escapades. Even if they end up not working, most people are able to get a laugh out of them later.

Here are some examples of pick-up lines people have used in order to try and grab someone else’s attention.

“Some guys buy really expensive cars to make up for certain shortages; well, baby, I don’t even own a car.” Owner of this line, Adam Nelson, says he has tried multiple times with the line but has had no success with it.

Another line used is, “If I followed you home, would you keep me?” Sean Conway says for times he has used this line, it has not fully worked. He does not end up going home with the ladies, but it usually does start a conversation.

The line, “If your ass were illegal, I’d take a bite out of crime” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of his significant other. He did say, though, that this line managed to hook one ex.

Leah Roette is guilty of using the following line: “Do you have 35 cents? I need to call my mom and tell her I’ve found true love.” She says she has had people just give her the change for the phone and resume their activities as if they did not understand the line. Other times, guys turn to her and roll their eyes. Overall, she rates it unsuccessful.

Other pick-up lines people have claimed to have at least worked to the extent of starting a conversation are as follow:

“Nice shirt, it’d look better on my floor.”

“Didn’t you steal my orange crayon in kindergarten?”

“I lost my number, can I borrow yours?”

“I read palms.” (Write number on their hand.) “I predict you will call me.”

“Sex with me is killer; want to die happy?”

From the people interviewed, there seemed to be a general consensus: pick-up lines are rather goofy and do not usually work. Their best suggestion was to not try and make your first impression a false one. Instead, be yourself and walk up to the person of interest and just introduce yourself. That way, if things end up going somewhere, you will not be kicking yourself because of what an idiot you were when you first met. Of course, there are always going to be people who still try to use the pick-up line routine. Sometimes it just might work, but in reality those chances are slim.


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