Sweet post Valentine’s Day discounts


Cassie Wade

Today is the greatest day in February, Feb. 15. The day after Valentine’s Day.

It’s the best day because even if you didn’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this year, you can celebrate by yourself with discount candy, flowers and stuffed animals.

We’ve got the low down on the best spots near campus to pick up the leftover goodies the lovebirds of yesterday left behind.

Russell Stover has 50 percent off leftover Valentine’s Day candy.
  1. Russell Stover Chocolates

You don’t have to venture far from the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) campus to find high quality chocolates. Russell Stover Chocolates, located at 721 S. 72 St., sells a delectable variety of chocolate treats, boxes of candy and ice cream year-round.

As of today, all Valentine’s candy is 50 percent off. That’s right. ALL OF IT. Grab a few 7 ounce heart shaped boxes of chocolate for only $2.99 or stock up on individually wrapped candies in amazing flavors, like dark chocolate and raspberry cream or marshmallow and caramel for only $0.29 a piece. Go crazy. You’re worth it.

Of the three stores we visited, Russell Stover Chocolates had the best variety of candy in the store as well as the most in stock, making this candy-filled paradise the perfect place to stop and satisfy your lonely sweet tooth.

An entire tub of snuggly joy.

2. Walgreens

Ah, Walgreens. It’s the perfect place to grab a snack, some nail polish and pick up some medicine to cure the wine hangover you gave yourself drinking alone on Valentine’s Day.

Today, it’s also the perfect place to grab a few snuggly friends at 50 percent off because you’re never too old to give something fuzzy and cute a cuddle, right? Snag a puppy with a heart in its mouth or grab a multicolored lama to hold near and dear for only $5 a piece. You don’t need a significant other with one of these babies in your arms or when you’re holding a bouquet of flowers, which is also 50 percent off its original price.

In the wise, wise words of Donna and Tom on “Parks and Rec,” treat yo self.

Target has 30 percent off all leftover Valentine’s Day items.

3. Target

Oh, Target. We usually love you so and create sonnets from the contents of your beautifully stocked aisles, but alas. Today it is not so. The post Valentine’s Day pickings are slim at the Target located at 7200 Dodge St. Perhaps the small pile of leftovers is testament to the power Target holds on regular retail days. They know what we want so well. It must be magic.

While my shopping partner and I walked away with only a bag of cat food, there are a few bags of candy, small trinkets and cute little gift bags available at 30 percent off. Plus you know, there’s a store full of other pretty little things you can fill your cart with and try to talk yourself out of buying by the time you get to the checkout, yet inevitably go home with. Such is the power of Target.