Students and staff eligible for flu shots at no cost through UNO Health Center


Zach Gilbert

All UNO students and many University employees will be eligible for flu shots at no cost this fall through the UNO Health Center. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

As the world prepares to fight flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously, there’s no better time to get a flu shot, and UNO has a plan to protect its students and staff at no out of pocket cost.

“The flu shot does not protect against the coronavirus, but it does have many important health benefits,” UNO states in their official news release. “It can reduce your risk of the flu, which can help conserve potentially scarce health care resources.”

By visiting either the Nebraska Medicine UNO Health Center or one of the University of Nebraska’s CVS Caremark partner sites, all students and many UNO employees will be able to receive a flu shot on the spot and qualify for a $0 co-pay.

For students, flu shot appointments at the UNO Health Center are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. It’s important to note that walk-ins will not be accepted, so students must call 402-554-2374 ahead of time to schedule their appointment.

Students must also make sure to bring their MavCARD and a completed flu shot form with them when they arrive to their appointment. A flu shot form will ask for one’s name, NU ID number, phone number, date of birth, age, gender, address and other various medical questions. All of this information is necessary for health care professionals administering the flu shot.

If a student is 18 or younger, they must have parental permission prior to receiving a flu shot. UNO Health Center has offered to call parents or guardians of underage students upon check-in for one’s appointment.

Students who are 18 may bring a completed Power of Attorney form with them to their appointment in order to fulfill this requirement. This document is not valid for 17-year-old students. There is no need to bring a duplicate Power of Attorney form if a prior form has already been filed with the UNO Health Center.

UNO staff members and faculty are able to schedule appointments at the UNO Health Center during business hours as well by calling the number above. Staff and faculty will be required to show their MavCARD and completed flu shot forms at the time of their appointment, just like students.

Flu shots for staff and faculty will come with a charge, but they can be submitted through insurance.

“Employees who completed the Benefits Risk Assessment last year will have no out-of-pocket cost for shots processed through their insurance,” UNO states in their news release. “However, those who do not wish to utilize insurance can pay for the treatment on site.”

If a staff or faculty member does not wish to receive a flu shot at the UNO Health Center, the University is additionally offering a prescription through CVS Caremark. An employee’s Caremark information will be stored on their official UMR card, and they must be enrolled in any University medical plan to be eligible for this prescription drug program.

Both the university and the CDC recommend that students and staff get vaccinated in September or October, while also reminding individuals that the shot will take two weeks to be effective.

“Influenza is a common but serious disease,” UNO notes in their news release. “Getting the flu could not only impact your academic pursuits, but in some cases lead to hospitalization and death. An annual flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and others.”