Student organization and office roundup


Annie Wawrzynkiewicz

Milo Bail Student Center. Photo by Samantha Weideman/the Gateway

This is a developing story. We will add information as it becomes available.

With all that the University of Nebraska at Omaha has to offer, it’s hard to keep up with the various changes happening in the University’s offices and services throughout the semester. Here are some of the changes we’ve gathered.

Office of Multicultural Affairs
James Freeman has retired after 16 years as director of Multicultural Affairs. Now filling the position as interim director, Taricka Burton is just one of the many staff members who strive to be helpful and welcoming. Also new this semester is Summer Scholars program coordinator, Elizabeth Blanco Rodriguez.

In the Office of Multicultural Affairs, there is a new student section and new offices, including a Native American office, a Latino Office and an Asian-Pacific Islander’s office. Changes to the layout and design of the office will begin in October as a direct response to students wanting more representation.

Among the activities the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts, the biggest events are the many cultural awareness months. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15 and goes until to Oct. 15. There are also projects for Native American Heritage Month and Black History Month.

Office of Sustainability
The Office of Sustainability has also undergone changes this semester. As of March 22, 2019, the office has divided its operations into five separate functions (and email addresses): sustainable transportation; waste/recycling, energy and water and other operations; looking for volunteers; news announcements; and student-related sustainability questions.

Moving forward, UNO will continue its strong commitment to sustainability in all of its forms, through faculty-led research efforts and campus wide initiatives. Examples of these efforts include the Office of Sustainability’s recent updates to recycling and composting, student government’s tradition of planting new trees to celebrate Arbor Day and a longstanding partnership with Earth Day Omaha, among many others.