Student Government offers program to help cash-strapped students


By Kristin Hawthrone

Student Government has provided one money-saving grace for students in today’s changing economy through the Student Savings Club.The program is paid through Fund A student fees. It provides information for students to utilize discounts offered by area businesses by presenting a coupon or MavCard.

When the program first launched, few discounts were offered. It now has more than 40 different ways for students to save.

Neal Bonacci, president of Student Government, said he believes the site has really started to be used to its full potential. Now, through advertisements posted throughout campus and those placed in The Gateway, Student Government is attempting to increase student use.

“We have lots of different expenses on our plates,” Bonacci said. “This is a good way to save a buck or two.”

Discounts include 10 percent off at Fuddruckers, free fountain drinks when purchasing an entrée at Qdoba Mexican Grill and a free second round of mini-golf at Family Fun Center.

Qdoba management said that 25 percent to 50 percent of their business was from UNO students using their MavCards.

However, Computer World management said they don’t see a lot of students taking advantage of their 15 percent discount, but they would like to.

Sophomore Christina Hamilton and freshman Sophie Plumb said they had never heard of the Student Savings Club.

Many movie theatres have reduced or eliminated student discounts on certain days, they said, so news of the program appealed to them.

“I’d check it out,” Plumb said.

Bonacci said his hope was to gain enough local-business participation through regular student use to save students an average of $1,000 a year.

“It will only continue to grow as we use it,” Bonacci said.

To check out the Student Savings Club Web `site, visit


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