Storage Facility hosts Science Fair


By Joe Shearer, Photo Editor

Last weekend, the Old Market’s Urban Storage facility had fewer vacant units than usual. The massive warehouse on the southeast corner of 13th and Leavenworth played host to more than 75 artists and performers for a two-part exhibition appropriately titled Science Fair. 

On Jan. 29, the maze-like corridors of the sprawling facility were alive with the area’s creative types, who were given the use of single storage units to transform the space however they saw fit.

Hundreds of people slowly made their way through two cramped floors of mixed media on display. Some spaces acted as mere gallery walls, holding works that were titled and priced for sale. Others were a little more interesting. There was a beach-scape complete with sand, live beach bums, a heat lamp and plenty of zinc oxide to go around. A few feet down the hall, local musician Dapose played a set of experimental noises to understanding peers and discerning passersby.

But description only goes so far. For those who missed Science Fair’s first night, or those who want to relive the experience, the second night is Saturday, Feb. 5. The same spaces will be utilized by the same artists, with chances of new, unique performances. Admission is free and local bars will have tables set up with beer for sale. Thanks to the support of Urban Storage and the ideas of the events’ curators, Omahans are given a fine opportunity to experience multiple disciplines of art executed by a diverse cast of the city’s emerging and grounded artistic talent.