Spring Career Fair

Photo Courtesy of the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Gabriel Guardado

University of Nebraska at Omaha students looking to score a summer internship or job need look no further than the Academic and Career Development Center’s Spring Career Fair held in the Milo Bail Student Center from 11 am – 3 pm today.

With over 100 employers attending the fair, students will be able to connect with many area businesses. ACDC Assistant Director Joe Hayes said this is the most employers UNO has ever had at-tend the fair, which ensures students have access to a variety of companies.

“We have everything from the very large companies that employ thousands here in Omaha to smaller companies, and everything in between,” Hayes said.

The high number of businesses and employers in attendance can be overwhelming to students,which is why Hayes suggests making sure to prepare before the fair by doing research.

“Research is the name of the game,” Hayes said. “The more you do it, the better you’re able to differentiate yourself from others. Having that background research can help you speak with confidence about your background and how you can benefit the organization.”

The face-to-face interactions created between students and employers who attend the fair helps students to network in ways they’d be otherwise unable to if applying for an internship or job online. Hayes said having a face-to-face interaction with an employer can affect a student’s chances of being hired.

“Employers are telling us how important career fairs are,” Hayes said. “Going to a career [fair] and having that face-to-face interaction tells an employer that you’re going the extra mile, you’re putting yourself out there [and] you’re taking chances. That’s what employers want to see.”

UNO student Josh Saddler, who’s attended UNO’s career fair before, has first-hand experience with the advantages created by the face-to-face interactions available at the fair.

“I got into contact with a lot of different employers,” Saddler said. “It was a really good opportunity just to go out and talk with other employers even if they weren’t the right fit for me or if they were the right fit, it was just a good benefit.”

Saddler has several interview tips for students attending the career fair.

“Stay focused on what you want, and don’t get caught up in your head,” Saddler said. “Just take a deep breath, relax and know it’s not a life or death situation.

Don’t think about it too much, stay focused, easy and relaxed.”

A list of companies attending the fair, vendor information and tips to successfully prepare for the Spring Career Fair can be found on UNO’s website. Professional attire is strongly encouraged for the event.