Sporting events connect students to UNO in multiple ways


Ray Koch

Tickets to University of Nebraska at Omaha sporting events are free for students with the use of their MavCARD. So, why should freshmen attend the games?


“It’s a great atmosphere to make friends in because everyone is so upbeat and excited to be there. It’s also a good way to blow off steam or take a break from homework in a healthy and fun way.”
Ashley Ortmeier, sophomore education major









“I love the competitive nature of our teams. I usually go to basketball or soccer games, but when I have time, I go to hockey games. They are the rowdiest.”
Hilario Mendez, sophomore computer science major









“My favorite part of attending UNO hockey games is how pumped up and rowdy our student section gets to support our hockey team. In the back of the stu-dent section there are big makeshift drums that beat along with the chants we shout.”
Mikala Hunt, senior biology major







“It’s fun and empowering when you’re able to be in a group and you’re all cheering for the same thing. It’s more than just a person or an athlete that’s on the team. It’s for a symbol that the university stands for.”
Joe Hagerty, master’s degree student







“I like UNO games because they give me a chance to represent my school and a chance to cheer on the Mavs to victory.”
Jacob Marsh, junior architectural engineering major