‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer breakdown


Jared Sindt

The release of the trailer spawned several fan theories. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.

After months of speculation—and a few leaks—the new Spider-Man trailer is finally here, and it has plenty to show us.

In the trailer, we see things start right where “Spider-Man: Far From Home” left off, with Mysterio revealing Peter’s identity to the world and him having to deal with the consequences.

Peter naturally goes looking for a solution and turns to Doctor Strange to undo what Mysterio did. Doctor Strange tries to cast a spell that would revert everything to before people knew Peter was Spider-Man, but Peter’s uncertainty causes the spell to go awry and the two get caught up in the multiverse.

Fans are extremely excited for this concept because of how many implications bringing the multiverse to the MCU has. Everything from new characters to new storylines with fans not yet knowing how the multiverse will tie into other shows.

The trailer gave us a small sneak peek of this when it showed Alfred Molina reprising his role as Doc Ock, who played the character back in 2004’s “Spider-Man 2.” There have also been reports that William Defoe will be reprising his role as Green Goblin, whose laugh can be heard in the trailer, as well as a visible Green Goblin grenade that makes it seem more likely. It has also been confirmed Jamie Foxx will be reprising his role as Electro from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

There are also shots in the trailer in which a figure can be seen behind Peter, and many fans are speculating that it could be The Lizard from “The Amazing Spider Man,” or an even more outlandish theory is that it could be Venom. Although The Lizard is the go-to theory, Sony has stated that there “is a plan” to connect the MCU spiderman to their villain movies, such as Venom and the upcoming Mobius.

This information is huge, and gives fans the hint of excitement they have been searching for, but the bigger question is still in the air: will Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield be reprising their roles as Spider-Man as well?

This question has not been confirmed, but multiple rumors and the fact that the villains from their movies have been confirmed makes these rumors carry a lot of weight. Andrew Garfield has told reporters that he is not in the movie. However, with the secrecy that Disney keeps for their movies, it is doubtful he would be able to say if he was or not.

With all the fan theories and rumors running around, one thing remains clear—anything could happen with this movie. The potential this movie has, along with all the hype it has received, means this movie could easily compete with some of the highest grossing of all time, perhaps not reaching “Endgame” status, but it certainly has the potential to compete.

Hopefully, as they have done in the past, Disney will come through with an amazing story that will continue to push the MCU forward, and maybe with an extra Spider-Man or two.