‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Review and Fan Theories


Jared Sindt

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has fueled and created fan theories for the future of the MCU. Photo courtesy of The Direct.

Marvel and Sony have released the biggest movie since “Avengers: Endgame.”

This was not just a movie, but an event culminating with 20 years of Spider-Man films and nicely wrapped into two and a half spectacular hours. If you have not seen the movie yet, stop reading now and go watch it, because there will be spoilers.

This movie is not without plot holes and flaws, but it also is not a movie that should be critiqued like the rest. The few story errors came from trivial things: Electro should not have known who Spider-Man was, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man did not ask for Dr. Strange to forget who Mysterio was instead.

These small plot holes are hardly noticeable in the grand scheme of things however, as the point of the film is to bring together all the previous Spider-Man movies and give MCU Spider-Man his definitive origin story.

Killing off Aunt May was a bold, fresh move that Spider-Man fans everywhere needed. It was unexpected and gave MCU Spider-Man the hardships and tragedy that fans had so desperately craved for the character.

Spider-Man is all about responsibility and working through grim times. The character is tragic but also inspiring, and by the end of this movie, MCU Spider-Man was exactly that.

This movie does not just set out to redeem Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire reprised their roles as Peter Parker, to the excitement and awe of fans everywhere.

All this movie had to do was have these characters in it, but they went the extra mile with both, and gave a satisfying arc to their characters.

Starting off with Andrew Garfield, his Spider-Man had one of the best moments in the movie. After failing to save Gwen in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” he is given the chance to save MCU’s MJ and succeeds, bringing both him and the audience to tears.

The loss of Gwen made him such a broken character, throwing himself into only being Spider-Man, but it caps off with a beautiful moment for him and an enjoyable way to bring his conflict to an end.

Tobey Maguire had less of an arc, but that was simply fine. His Spider-Man took on the role of older and wiser and played it to perfection, even being the one to save MCU Spidey from becoming a murderer and stopping him before killing Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

The whole plot of the movie is to save the villains from themselves and cure them of their powers.

This has been a problem for fans for years, as Spider-Man is always compassionate and always tries to save people. MCU Spider-Man leading the charge on this was an amazing way to develop his character.

The movie ends with everyone going back to their perspective universe and everyone forgetting who Peter Parker was, including MCU Spidey’s girlfriend and best friend, MJ and Ned. This is a great way for the character to develop and get a fresh new start.

To get into the fan theories of this film, everyone goes back to their universe, including Tom Hardy’s Venom. Who is going to be the Spider-Man in his universe?

From the “Morbius” trailer, we can see that Spider-Man exists in that universe, and Venom does too. We also know that Michael Keaton is in this as well, at first presumably as Venom, but events of this movie make that unclear.

How can Vulture and Venom be in the same universe if Venom was sent back? Many fan theories suggest that Andrew Garfield is the Spider-Man in the Morbius and Venom “Sony verse” and that he will be the Sony Spider-Man, while Tom stays in the MCU.

This would be an amazing way to give Garfield more movies that are deserved, while also allowing Marvel to continue to have their Spider-Man. Nothing is certain yet, but you can bet fans will be pushing for this, with multiple Youtube and Reddit users wanting people to tweet #TASM3 for Christmas.

After “Avengers: Endgame,” many thought Marvel would not be able to pull off anything to the same magnitude, but they continue to prove fans wrong and show why the MCU will exist for years to come.